Friday, 20 June 2014

Forget the G-String!...C-String is the latest underwear craze!

Forget the G-string, the latest underwear craze is the C-string which looks more like a headband

The C-StringThe C-String

The C-String

The C-String, which eliminates visible panty lines, comes in a variety of colours, textiles and patterns and you can customize by bending the C-shaped wire to make it fit better.

It has been speculated that Kendall Jenner wore one of those with the eye-popping dress she wore at the MMVA last weekend. The dress was dramatically split on both sides, revealing loads of flesh and giving a 'knickerless' impression.

It can be bought on sites like Amazon and E-Bay.

Would you wear the C-String??

Kendall Jenner
Was Kendall Jenner wearing a C-String in this outfit?

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