Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Tsarnaev lawyer admits his guilt as trial begins for the Boston Bombings

The trial of 21 year old man, Tsarnaev, accused of bombing the Boston Marathon two years ago has begun.
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Tsarnaev could face the death penalty and is charged with more than 30 counts relating to the bombings.
His attorney, Judy Clarke,  began her opening remarks today by saying: "It was him."

She said that her team would not attempt to "sidestep" Mr Tsarnaev's guilt in carrying out the "senseless, horribly misguided acts carried out by two brothers".

Instead, she will argue that his elder brother, Tamerlan, masterminded the plot and coerced the younger sibling, Tsarnaev into participating.

Many victims of the bombings attended the first day of the trial
Runners continue to run towards the finish line of the Boston Marathon as an explosion erupts near the finish line of the race
After the lawyers concluded their opening statements, several witnesses were brought before the jury to testify.

The jurors were also shown a video of one of the explosions. It showed a huge blast of smoke, and several police officers running to the scene.

Mr Tsarnaev is also accused of killing a police officer days after the bombing.

Many victims of the bombings attended the first day of the trial.

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