Thursday, 6 August 2015

Student whose neighbour was attacked invents GPS rape alarm that tells police the victim's exact location

Rebecca Pick, whose neighbour was attacked by a stranger while taking her rubbish out two years ago has invented new rape alarm that alerts police and can also be used to give evidence in court.

It inspired the 22 yr old student from Glasgow to come up with a gadget to make women safer and in March 2014, the entrepreneur developed the 'Personal Guardian device', which is so small it can be attached to a bra strap, belt or any other piece of clothing.

The device can use a mobile phone to tell police the exact location of the attack.

The small device, which will be released in the next two months, has two large buttons on either side and measures 6cm by 3.5cm.

If the device is still activated accidentally, staff at the monitoring station should be able to tell and the wearer can deactivate the alarm by pressing it again.

Once the buttons are pressed, their phone rings confirming the activation.

The alert is then sent through to the police as well as a chosen number, so a partner or parent will receive a message.

Once the call is connected to a monitoring station, it is automatically recorded.

Rebecca explained: 'The trained monitors then listen carefully and can tell if you are in danger from changes in your breathing.

'They can tell if you're laughing or screaming and can authenticate the call.

'I hope the recordings can then be used in court cases.'

The monitoring centre has software that can isolate and magnify sounds so they can judge whether there is a scuffle or a conflict.

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