Thursday, 30 August 2012

Style Copycats: Is Rita Ora Copying Rihanna's Styles? ...Or Is It Just Coincidence?

Coincidence?...Nah!! I don't think so...

I wonder what Riri would think though...
Backless dress: Rihanna wore this strappy backless dress in February, Rita followed suit with a long-sleeve version in April.                   

Flames: Rihanna wore this fiery T-shirt with a leather jacket and thigh high boots when she took the London Underground to the O2 arena back in March. Rita was also in London earlier this week when she wore this flaming skirt and crop top.                  

Floral jumpsuit: Rihanna (left) stepped out in this monochrome Stella McCartney jumpsuit in London in March, Rita went for a similar look just this week.                   

Green fluff: Hmm!! This can definitely not be a coincidence! There was controversy when PETA accused Rihanna of condoning cruelty to animals when she wore this Antonio Berardi ostrich-feather top last August, which Rita surely would have known about before she stepped out in this Mongolian lambswool coat this August.                   

Rihanna wore these over-the-knee Louboutin boots in February, Rita wore hers earlier this week

Can't say who got hers first, but it's a fairly safe bet that Rihanna had hers first.                   

Overalls and Timberlands: Rihanna wore denim overalls and Timberlands in June, Rita rocked the same boots with red dungarees for her performance at V festival earlier this month.                   

White gown: Rita looked glamorous in this outfit at the Cannes Film Festival in May, but Rihanna had worn a similar dress just over a week earlier.                   

White dress and trainers: Rihanna was spotted in New York in July wearing a white dress and trainers, Rita went for a very similar look in Manchester this week.
Well peeps, what do you think? Coincidence?
Source: Telegraph


  1. She didnt even try to hide it. Shes defo a copicat

    1. thank you someone finally agrees

  2. Professional copicat lol!

  3. I hate rita ora she is such a copy cat she will never be as good as rihanna

  4. Ritas style has been like this for years, even before she blew. Take a look at a few of her old facebook pics and youll see. Compare her pucs to rihannas pics. For example Rita's hair has been bold curly and blonde for agessss, as soon as she steps ob the scene rihanna decides to dye her hair blonde and wear trapstar beenies. Its plain to see. I love riri but rita didnt copy her style

    1. Funny Rita's real hair is brown and rihanna had blond hair fist in start of 2011 and Rita 2012

  5. Rita is just crazy!

  6. copy cat!!!!definately!!she should find her own swag!!yo bish!!


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