Saturday, 8 September 2012

Italian Man Arrested For Murdering Nigerian Prostitute

The murder of a young Nigerian prostitute in Italy, allegedly by her former lover, attracted a huge amount of attention in European media due to the unusual circumstances behind her death.

Daniele Ughetto Piampaschet, a 34-year-old Italian man, has been arrested in the northern town of Turin in connection with the killing of Anthonia Egbuna, a 19-year-old prostitute, whose body was found floating in the River Po in February.

According to Italian media reports, when police later searched Egbuna’s apartment, they found a short story written by Piampaschet called "La rosa e il leone" (“The Rose and The Lion”) with a plot that seemed to match the details of her murder.

It was later revealed that Piampaschet had fallen in love with Egbuna, had a relationship with her and demanded that she quit working the streets. After she refused, he allegedly stabbed her to death in a jealous rage.

Piampaschet’s lawyer, Stefano Tizzani, told Reuters that his client is innocent and that “he wrote the story and gave it to her as a gift to make himself look good.”

Source: ibtimes



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