Sunday, 17 February 2013

Check Out 'Sticky Fingerz' @ Elegushi Beach, Lagos

'Sticky Fingerz' which is fast becoming a house hold name, was launched at the famous Elegushi beach on the island of Lagos. It is located at the left as soon as you enter the Elegushi beach. Talk about barbeques, mouth-watering grills being washed down the tummy with brews and drinks of your choice.., talk about yummy 'sticky fingerz' ice creams in various exciting flavours, hot dogs, and loads more...absolute fun! A place worth checking out...


  1. Sure worth a visit...can't wait to get my fingers sticky..

  2. A place no regret of ur been there there and kind of laughter and etusistic that is why it is stick fingerz so do wait to wait to join me for joyours


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