Friday, 6 March 2015

An eye for an eye: Iranian man has had his eye gouged out by authorities for throwing acid into someone's face causing him to lose an eye and an ear

Photos:Victim Davoud Roshanaei, pictured before and after the attack, had acid poured over his face and body, causing him to lose an eye and an ear

An Iranian man, identified as Hamid S., who permanently disfigured another in an acid attack has had his eye gouged out as punishment.

Hamid S., poured acid over victim Davoud Roshanaei in 2005, causing his victim to lose an eye and an ear.

An Iranian court sentenced him to qesas, 'retribution in kind' and he has now had his eye and ear surgically removed at a prison in Karaj.

According to reports by Iranian newspaper Hamshahri, the man had been hired by the relatives of his victim’s wife.

The blinding of his right eye was postponed until a later date. He was also ordered to pay “blood money” (diyah) and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Tsarnaev lawyer admits his guilt as trial begins for the Boston Bombings

The trial of 21 year old man, Tsarnaev, accused of bombing the Boston Marathon two years ago has begun.
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Tsarnaev could face the death penalty and is charged with more than 30 counts relating to the bombings.
His attorney, Judy Clarke,  began her opening remarks today by saying: "It was him."

She said that her team would not attempt to "sidestep" Mr Tsarnaev's guilt in carrying out the "senseless, horribly misguided acts carried out by two brothers".

Instead, she will argue that his elder brother, Tamerlan, masterminded the plot and coerced the younger sibling, Tsarnaev into participating.

Many victims of the bombings attended the first day of the trial
Runners continue to run towards the finish line of the Boston Marathon as an explosion erupts near the finish line of the race
After the lawyers concluded their opening statements, several witnesses were brought before the jury to testify.

The jurors were also shown a video of one of the explosions. It showed a huge blast of smoke, and several police officers running to the scene.

Mr Tsarnaev is also accused of killing a police officer days after the bombing.

Many victims of the bombings attended the first day of the trial.

Mayra Rosales, who was once called the ‘half-tonne killer’ has lost a whooping 800lb!

Pic via FacebookPic via Facebook - after the weight loss
Photos: Before and after the weight loss
34-year-old Mayra Rosales, who was once called the ‘half-tonne killer’ after she falsely confessed to accidentally killing her nephew and has since lost a whooping 800lb.
In 2008 she told police she accidentally killed her nephew Eliseo  by rolling on top of him but autopsy showed the boy had died from multiple injuries to his skull. Her sister Jamie later confessed to the crime and was sentenced to 15 years.
After that, Mayra then decided to turn her life around. She has been shedding hundreds of pounds, Houston surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan said......
‘Once you’re in bed for several years, she had no life,
‘Once she got up and walk and do things, you’ll be amazed how motivated people become.’
Mayra Rosales now has over 18,000 Facebook fans, who she keeps updated as she continues her transformation.

'No baby drama for me'....Karrueche Tran dumps Chris Brown on Twitter after revelations he's fathered a 9 month old baby

After reports emerged on Tuesday that Karrueche Tran's on-off boyfriend Chris Brown had fathered a 9 month old child with another woman, the 26-year-old dumped the singer via Twitter, writing: 'Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me'.

It is unclear if Chris Brown was on a break during his on and off relationship with Karrueche when he allegedly fathered the nine-month-old child.

Dumped: The 26-year-old broke up with the singer once again via the micro-blogging site

Urgent appeal for cancer treatment funds

Nkiru Mirriam Monyei was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2013. She is a mother of 3 children and is determined more than ever to kick out this dreadful illness. So far she has finished the first stage of chemotherapy and is currently on the second stage which is Herceptin at the LOC Clinic in London, and thereafter Radiotherapy. But apart from all the emotional and mental stress, the financial stress is becoming a hindrance for her to undergo these required series of treatment. She is therefore passionately appealing for amount is too small.

Read her story in her own words below :

I am not just a daughter, a sister, a wife, or a friend. I am more like that sister you never had and probably needed. Always willing to go above and beyond for others simply because that's who I am, and I happen to be pretty good at it.

Nkiru Mirriam Monyei

What happened?
It all started with a routine Mammogram and Biopsy in December 2013. When the results came back, I was told by the Doctors that I had Carcinoma on my right breast. Further tests also revealed that I have Diabetes. I then thought of my husband and my 3 little children who I live for and knew we had to crush this breast cancer. The Doctors told me that I would need surgery, series of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, complementary therapies, and adjuvant treatments.

Since the initial diagnosis and consultation in December 2013 and Surgery in April 2014, we have poured all our financial resources into kicking this ugly cancer to the curb. We have completely run out of funds needed for the full treatment plan and we are no where near completing any of the mandatory treatments required for me to get well.

Never did we imagine being faced with this kind of circumstance, let alone having to reach out to you for help. I would like to focus on my health and maintain a positive attitude rather than the mounting medical expenses.  We have set up this page with the hope that friends and family, both near and far, will be able to help relieve some of the financial strain.  These donations will be used to cover cost of care, daily survival and those unexpected expenses.

My family and I thank you for your prayers, positive vibes, financial support and kind words. Please help me create a positive outcome for me and my family. We're willing to accept anything and even $5 will help.  I will keep you posted on my progress! We love you!

Thank you so much for even taking the time out of your day to read this. Whatever you can donate will be greatly appreciated and used wisely.