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Cosmetic surgeon, Dr Olufemi Adeyinka Adeogba, struck off medical register for horrific damages to patients after botched cosmetic surgeries

A woman has spoken of her horror at being left disfigured and in need of reconstructive surgery after her nose collapsed following a botched operation at a clinic offering half-price discounts.

Rita Nugent was one of many women left with severe injuries and serious pain after being treated by cosmetic surgeon Dr Olufemi Adeyinka Adeogba, who had trained and qualified abroad.

Six months after undergoing the £2,200 operation, the 31 year-old's nasal passage completely collapsed.

A tribunal branded Dr Adeogba's practise 'deplorable', striking him off the medical register after ruling that he 'presents a risk to patients'.


Rita Nugent was one of a number of women left in pain and with severe injuries after being treated by Dr Olufemi Adeyinka Adeogba at the private Birkdale Clinic in Crosby in 2011

One woman was left with a dent in her breast and a nipple that was too high. When she begged Dr Adeogba for help, he told her to wear a supportive bra.

Another patient's nipple turned black after he failed to warn her of the dangers of tissue necrosis, if she continued her 12-a-day smoking habit after her operation.

Dr Adeogba was employed at the private Birkdale Clinic in Crosby until 2011.

Chairman of the tribunal panel, Dr Malcolm Phillips said: 'Dr Adeogba's standards fell below or seriously below those to be expected of a competent cosmetic surgeon.

'The failings were wide-ranging and occurred over a two-year period.'

Women rushed to sign up for cosmetic surgery at the clinic, attracted by half-price discounts.

Weeks after her operation Ms Nugent's nose caved in. The 31-year-old was led to believe she would need fillers for the rest of her life, until she was told her GP could refer her for reconstructive surgery

A medical tribunal found Dr Adeogba's actions were 'deplorable' and that he posed a 'risk to patients'. He was struck off the medical register

Among those was Ms Nugent, a mother. She said things started going 'badly wrong' almost immediately after surgery, and by the time her wounds healed six months later, her nose had caved in.

Ms Nugent said: 'It was like something from a horror movie.
'I asked to speak to the surgeon to ask what happened but I was told by a nurse he wasn't available.

Chair of the tribunal Dr Philips, said: 'Dr Adeogba's failings placed patients at risk of harm; some did suffer direct harm as a result of his lack of care'

'I had stitches all over the septum in the middle of my nose. I was in severe pain. I had a terrible taste in the back of my mouth and I was generally unwell.

'The surgeon persuaded me I had to give it more time to heal.

'But he still didn't explain why the tip of my nose had been so damaged.'

Ms Nugent believed her only option to repair the damage was to return every two to three weeks for a year to have fillers injected into her nose.

She said: 'My nose still looked like a mess. It was only after I was told I could get it fixed on the NHS if I had a referral from my GP that I finally had reconstructive surgery.'

The MPTS panel heard how Dr Adeogba, who passed his exams in Germany in 1979, repeatedly failed to take adequate medical histories of patients and failed to give full information on the dangers of surgery.

Erasing Dr Adeogba from the medical register, the tribunal branded his conduct 'deplorable' and said he 'continues to present a risk to patients'.

Dr Phillips said: 'The panel has evidence before it from the patients' witness statements where Dr Adeogba's attitude towards them is described as "arrogant" and not willing to listen.

'Dr Adeogba's failings placed patients at risk of harm; some did suffer direct harm as a result of his lack of care.'

The Birkdale Clinic, based in Park Road, was taken over by new management more than a year ago and renamed itself The New Birkdale Clinic.

A spokesman for the company said it had no links with its predecessor.

The firm's website states: 'During the past year the previous company had a complete change of staff dealing with cosmetic surgery customers at the Birkdale Clinic Liverpool.'

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