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Choosing the earrings to suit your face shape

The shape of your face, the length of your hair and even your colouring have a huge impact on what shape and style of earring is best for you.
  • Long faces look good in chandelier -shaped earrings
  • Round and dangling earrings will make a fatter face and chin look thinner
  • Round faces and double chins should stay away from studs or circular clip-ons
  • Short necks become even shorter next to long, dangly earrings that hang to the shoulder.
  • Plain golf-ball-sized hoops suit everyone
  • Don't wear fancy earrings if you want to look professional and relatively serious
  • Diamante studs look like something fake trying to be real. If you go with diamantes, go full on over the top and celebrate it's false origins.

Oval Face:
Most shapes will suit you
Experiment with the latest trends to see what style looks best
Make sure they are in proportion to your head size and body scale

Diamond Face:
Your goal is to choose narrow shapes that add width to your jaw line.
Your best shapes are narrower at the top and wider at the bottom
Choose the following shapes:
Short and wide earrings
Small tear drops and pear shapes
Triangle shapes
Ovals and studs
Avoid long thin earrings

Rectangle Face:
Your goal is to choose earrings that have more width than depth and soft curves rather than angles
Choose the following shapes:
Round buttons
Tear drops
Hoops and curved edged earrings
If you have long hair, drops no longer than your chin and with some width too
Oblong Face:
Your goal is to choose earrings have more width than length
Choose the following shapes:
Round, square and fan shape earring
Small hoops
Simple studs and chandelier style earring
3 dimensional style earrings to add fullness
Big earrings
Drops no longer than the chin, better with some width
Avoid flat or thin dangly earrings

Heart Face:
Your goal is to add length to your face and width to your jaw
Choose the following shapes:
Chandeliers that are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom
Teardrop earrings
Rectangle shapes
Triangular earrings that are tapered at the top (the opposite of your face shape)
Oval and circular earrings
Avoid earrings that are the same as your face shape (wide at the top and narrow at the bottom)

Triangle Face:
Your goal is to wear earrings that are longer than they are wide
Choose the following shapes:
Large oval shapes
Small circular earrings
Earrings with curves at the bottom
Avoid triangular shapes or earrings that come to a point

Square Face:
Your goal is to wear earrings longer than they are wide
Choose the following shapes:
Earrings with a round and angular edge
Long drop earrings
Long tear drops
Multi-tiered dangly earrings
Exaggerated earrings
Hoops and curved edges
Avoid square shapes

Round Face:
Your goal is to wear earrings longer than they are wide and add some angle to your face
Choose the following shapes:
Square, oblong, oval and rectangle drops
Long narrow drops
Squares, oblongs, rectangles work well as do dangling and angular designs
Elongated styles will draw attention down instead of around
Avoid hoop earrings, studs and large chunky earrings they will accentuate your roundness
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