Wednesday, 28 May 2014

VIDEO/PHOTO: Thanx but no Spanx, Lily Allen!...Singer Lily Allen posts video of herself dancing topless 'Spanx' dance!

Lily Allen in her Spanx
Lily Allen in her Spanx
British singer Lily Allen on Tuesday, posted an Instagram video showing her topless and dancing along to Drake's Started From The Bottom.

But there’s not a lot sexy about the footage, as she was wearing a huge pair of Spanx!

She covered her boobs with one arm while videoing herself on a camera-phone with the other, dancing and singing to music.

See video below:

She posted another Instagram video of herself dancing, but this time in a cocktail dress as she swayed to Beyonce's Yonce/Partition.

Guess she was just soooo happy!

Thanx but no Spanx!!

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