Friday, 28 November 2014

Jungle justice in Chile as alleged thief is stripped naked and tied to a lamp post with clingfilm

Thief stripped and wrapped in clingfilm
The thief is stripped, wrapped in cling film and strapped to a lamp post

Crowds gathered round 32-year-old Valentino Abeyta Barrera as he was stripped, had his underpants pulled down, and was tied to a lamp post with a cling film.
Valentino was allegedly caught by vigilantes as he was trying to rob a an old man by holding a knife to his throat.

Police arrived after 20 minutes and he was taken to the police station' but he refused to file a complaint, and police said they had been forced to let him go because the alleged victim of the man's attack had also not made a complaint.
A police spokesman said: "Unless the man who was tied to the lamppost or his alleged victim want to file a complaint, there is not much we can do."


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