Saturday, 8 November 2014

Makeup....How to do a flawless cat eye

cat eye hacks opener

1. Perfect the flick at the end.. each flick should be even, the same width, as well as symmetrical. Then, do a very thin line over the tear duct, connect the flick and the thin line with a small, arc-shaped line.

2. Wet your brush and dip it into your eye shadow. Start by placing the brush in the middle of the lid, and smudge it outwards...Fill in to the corner of the inner eye

3. Taupe eye shadow is ideal for adding depth and dimension to the eye and appears as a natural shadow.

4. For your eyeliner, if your eyes turn down, stop the line before you reach the outer corners. If you have round eyes, your cat-eye will look better straight out from your lash line.

5. When using a gel eye liner, use with a thin, pointy brush. Never pull the skin outwards, it creates a different liner shape.


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