Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Man invents pills that make your farts smell of chocolate or roses

Christian Poincheval

A 65 year old French man, Christian Poincheval claims to have invented a pill that makes farts smell like chocolate or roses. Previously in 2006, the inventor has sold pills to scent farts with rose or violet, but he recently debuted the chocolate version of it. A jar of 60 pf the pills sells for approx €10. The pills made from natural ingredients also help to reduce gas and bloating.

The inventor said the idea occurred to him during a fart-plagued dinner with friends....

"We were at the table with friends and after a hearty meal, our farts were so smelly we nearly suffocated," he said on his website
"The winds were not very pleasant for our fellow diners. Something had to be done."

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