Monday, 12 January 2015

Spaghetti: The Art of Eating Your Way Through

Spaghetti: The Art of Eating Your Way Through

Spaghetti is a very popular dish, eaten all over the world and made in many different ways. Although spaghetti is delicious and nutritious, it can be a struggle to consume. This is frustrating when all you want to do is enjoy every strand on your plate without losing your manners. According, you can successfully eat your spaghetti with a fork, enjoy every single bite and look great doing so by following the tips below; 
1.       Fork & Spoon: The fork should be held in your right hand and the spoon in the left, lift a few strands off your plate and twirl it using the spoon as a backdrop. Twirl it all the way up and enjoy.

2.       Fork: This is a very popular way of eating spaghetti. Lift a little bit off the plate and twirl it against the wall/side of your plate until it is all rolled up.

3.       Slurping:  Made popular by “The Lady and the tramp”, lift your spaghetti off the plate with your fork and slurping it up the fun, however, this method is messy so try to avoid it if you’re eating with someone you’re want to impress. You probably have to save this one for date night with your television.

4.       Cutting: The last and the least advised method of eating a spaghetti is using the knife to slice the strands to pieces (like you’re about to feed a young child). This method is not usually advised for adults because it is said to make one look really rather odd.

Although a very tricky food, eating spaghetti is an art all foodies should master.

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