Sunday, 7 April 2013

6 Outfits That Will Instantly Make You Look Bigger

This is a list of things that will make you look bigger. I’ve tried to concentrate of things that we unintentionally wear not realizing the effect they will have.

1. Elastisized Waistbands The problem with elastisized waistbands, at least for everyone but those with boyish figures, is not only the way the material puffs out instantly creating more volume where most of us just don’t need it but also the instability of the garment. If you have any sort of curves the waistband will move either up or down as you go about your day. The band is going to find the slimmest place to sit and again, unless you have the boyish figure it’s going to be a lot higher than you want. Basically it just doesn’t fit properly. A tighter band that does sit where you want it doesn’t work well either. Unless you’re toned all the way around the midsection you’re going to get the ‘squished bread’ look, which is very unflattering. Keep the elastisized waistbands on your gym clothes.
2. Pleats Pleats that fall from the waistband of your pants and skirts create volume. Their mission in life is to create a better fit, to follow the curves of the body more comfortably and stylishly. They highlight. Since they sit on your hips and tummy they will highlight your hips and tummy. It’s like wearing glad wrap, so unless your hips and tummy are so fabulous they deserve to be highlighted give pleats a miss.

Delaunay Spot Pleated SkirtTIP: A paneled and pleated skirt, like the one pictured, or one with inverted pleats that start below the stomach are great options for those wanting to conceal their stomach.

3. Horizontal Stripes Horizontal stripes trick the eye into thinking ‘wider’. The smaller and closer together the stripes the more pronounced the effect. A wider stripe still has the same effect, though not so pronounced. This is actually a shame because horizontal stripes are a classic – think Audrey Hepburn. Certainly wear them, BUT, keep them in proportion. If you’re a small person go for a small stripe. If you’re a large person go for a larger stripe. If you’re big busted or plus size, skip it altogether.

Boatneck Striped TopTIP: Horizontal stripes are an excellent way for pear-shaped people to add volume to their upper body and offset wider hips.

4. Metallic and Shiny Clothes Shiny or reflective clothes … um, well, they reflect. The effect is to make whatever they’re covering look bigger. So when you reach for those satin pants or that gold jacket be aware of what the overall effect is going to be. Actually this is a great way to get proportion back into your shape. If you’re bigger on top opt for the satin skirt matched with more subdued top or a shiny camisole matched with black pants if you’re bigger on the bottom.

 5. A Small Handbag If you’re a big person and you go with a small handbag it’s not the handbag that’s going to stand out. Comparisons will be made and since your body is approximately 30 times larger than the handbag the size of your body will be emphasized, even if you’re not particularly big in the first place. Your bag should mirror your size. If you’re smaller and wear a bigger bag – same comparison, different conclusion – you will seem small.

TIP: For best effect your handbag should be the opposite of your shape. If you’re a curvy person go with a more structured handbag like the one pictures. If you’re angular go with an unstructured tote.

6. Zips, pockets, ruffles, feathers, fur Anything extra added onto clothes is going to draw the eye and make the piece of body it’s covering look bigger. So if you have big boobs then no ruffles or flounces or anything extra other than what you already have. The same if you got lots of booty – keep things calm and minimal there. Added extras are best kept as the province of the slender or used to remedy proportion issues, and then only very sparingly. Anyone who is plus sized should avoid like the plague. Color and texture are better options.
Baggy Clothes I just wanted to finish with a word about baggy clothes. You can instantly make yourself look slimmer by wearing fitting clothes. If you’re big and you wear baggy clothes rather than conceal it simply highlights how big you are. If you’re small it will highlight how small you are. Wearing fitted clothes will make you look slimmer but you will also feel more confident. Trust me, it works.

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