Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hope for the glasses that allow the blind to see could be on sale by 2016!

Smart glasses that could transform the lives of blind and partially-sighted people could be in the shops by 2016.

The revolutionary technology which is a joint project between the University of Oxford and the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)
enables blind people to see obstacles and faces, similar to the fictional high-tech visor worn by Geordi La Forge in TV's Star Trek.

The smart glasses consist of a video camera, a computer processing unit that is small enough to fit in a pocket and software that provides images of objects close by to the see-through displays in the eyepieces of the glasses.

Dr Hicks of Oxford University is pictured wearing the innovation. 'We eventually want to have a product that will look like a regular pair of glasses and cost no more than a few hundred pounds,' he saidRight, the Star Trek character Geordi LaForge
Photo: Dr Hicks of Oxford University wearing the innovation. Right, the Star Trek character Geordi LaForge


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