Wednesday, 25 February 2015

73 year old man chops off own penis after his wife of 50 years left him for a younger guy

Turgut Oymen (Pic: Haber 3)
Turgut Oymen
73 year old Turgut Oymen, a farmer from Sivas Suşehri in Turkey, received a heart-breaking phone call from his 70 year old wife, Nese who had been staying in Istanbul for the past year for treatment for an injury to her foot.

Nese told her husband that she was leaving him for a  55-year-old doctor who she had met and fallen in love and was not returning home.
According to Haber 3, Turgut then went to a nearby river, Derebağ creek and chopped his penis himself, flinging it into the water before calling an ambulance.
He told doctors he castrated himself because “he felt it (his penis) was useless and he felt like he was no longer a man."
He  is currently being treated for depression.

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