Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Tanzania bans explicit dance which involves extreme shaking of bum and sometimes stripping

Kigodoro, a Tanzanian traditional dance which involves women exuberantly shaking their bodies, and, in recent years for some performers, stripping completely naked, has been banned in Tanzania.

Police cracking down on Kigodoro dances performed in weddings and social gatherings say they attract muggers and criminal gangs, thereby putting attendees at risk.

PHOTO: A woman does an explicit dance at a kigodoro ceremony. To her right are children looking on as events unfold.Going with your children to such immoral events or allowing them to on their own is a disaster

The Director of Culture Development in the ministry of information, youth, culture and sport, Prof Herman Mwansoko says the government through Baraza la Sanaa Tanzania (BASATA) has declared such dances as illegal and that practicing them is violating the law.

“This has become a serious danger to our culture as it threatens the original dances which are our identity. The new generation will be filled with what they see now and may not be aware that there has been a real Baikoko for instance,” he says.

He adds that as the ministry, they record the original versions of all the traditional dances and keep them in the archive for future generations. He however warns that whoever participates in such dances in public will be held accountable.

Do you think the Government is right to ban such dance moves?

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