Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Northern Ireland Jealous Ex goes on shooting rampage at a wedding

Wedding guests were left horrified when a  jealous man who had previously been going out with the bride turned up to try and shoot the groom, but  missed and hit another wedding guest instead. This happened today outside St Mary’s Church in Newtownbutler, Northern Ireland, around 1pm.
Parish priest Father Michael King was inside the church preparing to conduct the marriage ceremony when the shooting happened outside.
Fr King told local radio that he nevertheless went ahead with the ceremony.
"I went on ahead with the wedding, I could do nothing else because they were anxious to get this girl married," he said.
"So I went on ahead and did Mass and did the wedding."

A man in his sixties who was shot, was flown to hospital in a police helicopter but later died from his injuries. Another man was injured while a third man was stabbed.

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