Friday, 20 February 2015

Woman arrested for holding her 3 daughters captive in an apartment for 10 years!

Police are questioning a 59 year old woman and her children after claims were made that she locked up her daughters in an apartment for a decade.
A neighbour of the suspect told Expressen newspaper that one of the now adult women escaped from the apartment in the southern town of Sweden, Bromoella and asked someone to call the police. The women now believed to be aged 32, 24 and 23 were rescued after 8 police officers raided the apartment this morning following the call.
The young women say they were held in this apartment for many years

The neighbour added: "The blinds were always pulled down there and we haven't heard any noise from the apartment."
An eyewitness said: "One of the young women was led out of the apartment, she could barely walk by herself."
A man who claims he is the father of the three women has told a Swedish newspaper that he has been looking for the children for 17 years.
It is thought that the woman moved her daughters between different locations so as to keep them away from their father.

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