Thursday, 30 April 2015

Baby boy who was rescued under rubble after 22 hours has reunited with his parents

Five-month-old baby, Sonit Awal  rescued after being trapped in rubble for 22 hours following the Nepal earthquake has finally reunited with his family.
The baby who was asleep upstairs in the family home when the quake struck, was saved from death by a cupboard that fell over him. 
His mum, Mrs Awal said: 'I am so happy to have my baby back. I'm so happy that he is alive.'
Sonit was asleep in his cot upstairs when the walls of his four-storey home came crashing down around him.
His parents and 10 year old sister were outside when the earthquake struck and did all they could to free the little boy from the wreckage, working nonstop through the night with friends and neighbours..

The family are now homeless and living in a tarpulin opposite the wreckage - but are thankful they are all alive. Sonit's father Shyam Awal lost his brother Azdid in the earthquake
Rasmila Awal said she could hear her baby crying from the ruins of her home.
Sleeping baby Sanit is now safe following his horrific ordeal. His uncle was killed in the earthquake

Re-united: Mother Rasmila Awal is re-united with her baby boy who was trapped under rubble for 22 hours
Safe: Five-month-old Sonit Awal was heard crying from undernearth the wreckage of his flattened home
Ruined: The family's four-storey house in Bharktapur, Nepal, toppled in Saturday's devastating earthquake


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