Friday, 24 April 2015

US Brewery to make up to 10 barrels of beer out of human urine from 'raise awareness of the reusable nature of all water'


Production of a special kind of beer has been approved by alcohol regulators in Oregon, US, and will be made from human urine gathered by sewage treatment firm 'Clean Water Services'.

The company will treat the waste before handing it over to microbrewers who will turn it into beer.

According to a 50-page report which was handed to alcohol regulators, the sewage would pose 'very low human health risk' and would be treated to 'very high standards'.

There will only be ten barrels of beer made and it won't be available in shops but there is talk of mass production if it proves successful.

In the report, Robert Baumgartner, an assistant director at Clean Water Services, told regulators it was designed to 'raise awareness of the reusable nature of all water'.

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