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Research reveals top yoga postures that can achieve 'Excercise Induced Orgasm' in women

Also known as  'Yogasm' - an orgasm achieved through yoga postures and generally nothing to do with being turned on by anyone. Recent study found workouts involving abs, such as crunches, were considered high in orgasm-inducing exercises.

In the study, participants were given 22 yoga poses relating to abdominal, pelvic muscles, digestive function, joint function, and mood. After 12 weeks nearly 75 per cent of the women said they were more satisfied with their sex life following yoga training.

Top ten orgasm-inducing yoga poses:

Rock the boat: This pose is said to shake things up in the bedroom

1.Have your sit bones in contact with the mat and draw the knees up into the chest, taking the hands behind the knee creases.

2. Squeeze the knees into the chest and feel length through the spine as you gently engage the perineum floor

3. Activate your core and begin to release the hands forwards at shoulder height.

4. One at a time start to lengthen into the legs, glue the thighs together and press into the balls of your feet.

5. Lift the gaze to the tips of your toes and breathe

Benefits: These house the primary organs for detoxification, digestion and the sex organs and will provides the whole area with stimulation and positive benefits in the bedroom.
Feeling chirpy: Eagle pose will have you soaring to reach the big O, thanks to the xxxx

1.Taking the weight into your right foot, soften at the right knee.

2. Pick up the left foot and either place the left toes to the outer edge of the right foot or bind the left toes behind the right calf.

3. Bend into the right knee a little deeper and maintain a straight back

4. Draw the navel to spine and lift the perineum floor.

5. Take the hands to heart or any variation that you are working with

6. Firmly press the thighs in towards each other

7. Keep the gaze forward

Benefits: By cutting off the circulation of blood to the groin and genitals during the pose, when released, a surge of blood makes it's way back, flushing and renewing and bringing with it heightened stimulation to the area.

Legs wide open: This pose will open up the hip and groin area

1. Sit upright on your mat and press the soles of the feet together, allowing the knees to splay outwards and down towards your mat.

2. Interlace the fingers and hold onto the toes

3. As you ground downwards into the sit bones start to fold the upper body forward

Benefits: Opening these areas will relieve any stored guilt around past sexual interactions, potentially improves the health of the ovaries or prostate glands from the stimulation it provides to the abdominal region.

Sexual splits: This wide legged pose will increase blood flow to the pelvis region

1.Sit upright on the mat with the legs out wide in a V shape.

2. Fold forward from the hips until you feel the inner thighs begin to stretch

Benefits: By increasing blood flow it activates our mula bandha which strengthens the muscles used during an orgasm.

Squat it like it's hot: The Malasana pose is sure to stretch out the groin

Naughty kneel: Child's pose will have you focused and more present during the 'Big O'

1.Come into a comfortable kneeling position.

2.Bring your big toes together and take your knees out wide.

3.Fold forward, taking your arms out long in front of you.

4.Close your eyes and take long, slow, gentle breaths.

5.On each inhale, let the belly fill up with air. On each exhale, engage the pelvic floor.

Benefits: By stretching the groin this strengthens the thighs, tones the abdominal and sex organs, boosts libido and aids flexibility.

Bridge to O town: This posture is said to bridge the gap between achieving and not achieving
Happy days: This baby pose is sure to have you rolling around with joy thanks to increasing  circulation of blood

1.Lie on your back and draw your knees towards your armpits, soles of the feet towards the ceiling.

2.Take the hands to the outer edges of the feet and gently draw them down towards the floor.

3. Inhale to fill the belly. Exhale, draw the feet closer towards the floor, taking the tailbone towards the ground and squeezing the pelvic floor.

Benefits: Will open the hips, stretch the inner groin and thighs and improves blood flow to the pelvic area.
Rolling around: Use a towel roll or foam roller to work your abs and create heat in the groin

1.Layer two regular bath towels, fold them in thirds, longways and then roll them up into a short tube.

2.Lay on your back and place the towel tube between your inner thighs.

3.Clasp your hands gently behind your head and lift your legs to the sky.

4.Inhale, lift your tailbone and squeeze your inner thighs together.

4.Exhale, curl your head and shoulders up, lift your tailbone higher, squeeze your towels and pull your belly in.

5.Inhale, gently lower to the floor. Repeat 5 times.

Benefits: Engages the belly and thighs, creates heat in the groin area and increases pelvic tone.
Deep breaths: Learning to channel your breaths will achieve a much more powerful orgasm says Barker

1.Sitting in a comfortable position with eyes closed and internal gaze to just below the navel at your svadhishtana chakra.

2. Focus on drawing your inhales in through your nose all the way down to depths of your belly.

3. Breathing out completely rid yourself of the whole breath, through the mouth.

4. Carry those deep inhales practiced in yoga across to the bedroom

Benefits: During orgasm the body tenses so by taking deep breaths at the crucial time, we send blood to the sex organs and in turn make the orgasm more powerful and last longer.

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