Tuesday, 31 December 2013

PHOTOS: It's already a Happy New Year somewhere! Midnight strikes across the globe as millions start 2014 with dazzling celebrations

New Year
The world’s biggest party is underway as bursts of fireworks erupt over cities across the globe as midnight strikes and nations hail the start of 2014. In Malaysia, firework displays exploded near Kuala Lumpur's most famous landmark, the Petronas Towers (top left), while in Indonesia, thousands of people gathered to watch a display in the main business district in Jakarta (top right). In North Korea (bottom right), all eyes were on the Juche Tower and the Taedong River in Pyongyang to celebrate the New Year. In Beijing, performers dressed in colourful costumes to mark the start of 2014 in China.

Up Helly Aa Vikings at the start the Edinburgh Hogmanay celebrations with a torchlight procession through Edinburgh city centre

Around 80,000 people are expected in the city for the traditional New Year celebrations, which run over three days. Tickets have been bought for the event by people from over sixty different countries

A general view of the torchlight procession as it makes its way through Edinburgh for the start of the Hogmanay celebrations

The New Year's Eve Winter Carnival in Newcastle city centre saw performers parading through the city to the Civic Centre for a spectacular fireworks display

While organizers in cities like Chicago and New York were just starting to block off streets in preparation for the evening's events, festivities were well under way in Newcastle

Hundreds of people gathered at the Great Wall, a landmark place in Beijing, to celebrate the New Year

Badaling Great Wall is illuminated during the New Year's Eve count down to 2014 held at the Badaling Great Wall

Performers gather for a group photo after the end of a New Year's Eve count down to 2014 in Beijing, China

Packed in like sardines! Fireworks light up the sky as thousands of people gather to watch, in the main business district on New Year's Eve in Jakarta, Indonesia

Fireworks explode over Juche Tower and the Taedong River in Pyongyang, North Korea to celebrate the New Year

Fireworks explode near Malaysia's landmark, Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

While many were happy to welcome the new year, thousands of Malaysian people marched on the street to protest against price hikes by the Malaysian government

Soaring into the air: The fireworks near Malaysia's iconic Petronas Towers heralded a new start and a new year for many

An anti-Thai government protester waves national flag as dancers perform on stage during a New Year's Eve rally at the Democracy Monument in Bangkok, Thailand

With fireworks erupting from the water and bursting high in the skies, Hong Kong's harbour was showered in sprays of red and white as midnight struck

The bright lights of the city's skyline merged with the colourful spray of fire across the harbour

Thousands release balloons into the sky as the Tokyo is illuminated during the countdown to midnight in Japan's capital

Tokyo tower in Japan as 12am strikes and the crowds celebrate the start of the Year of the Horse

Midnight strikes in South Korea as thousands celebrating with the 'moon house' burning and fireworks during the 21st Sungsan sunrise festival of New Year in Sungsan, on Jeju island

More than one million people packed the water and shoreline of Sydney's harbour to watch the annual fireworks spectacular

New Zealand is among the first nations to see in the New Year

Shinto priests walk under a 'torii' (Japanese gate located at the entrance of a Shinto shrine) after they participated to a shinto ritual in preparation for the New Year at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan


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