Saturday, 25 October 2014

Iranian woman hanged for killing alleged rapist

A photograph of Reyhaneh Jabbari from a Facebook page dedicated to highlighting her case.

A 26-year-old Iranian woman convicted of murdering a man she accused of trying to rape her as a teenager was hanged today, despite international pleas for her life to be spared.
Ms Reyhaneh Jabbari had been sentenced to death in accordance Koranic “qisas” (eye for an eye) law after being found guilty of stabbing dead an older man with a kitchen knife seven years ago.
She had pleaded self defence but failed to convince judges in various stages of appeal.
Immediately after the execution today, Prosecutor’s office in Tehran issued a statement to reverse broad sympathy for Ms Jabbari:
“Jabbari had repeatedly confessed to premeditated murder, then tried to divert the case from its course by inventing the rape charge,” said the statement carried by the state IRNA news agency. “But all her efforts to feign innocence were proven false in various phases of prosecution. Evidence was firm. She had informed a friend through text message of her intention to kill. It was ascertained that she had purchased the murder weapon, a kitchen knife, two days before committing murder.”

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