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Simple home remedies for urinary tract or bladder infection

Some causes of urinary tract or bladder infections are:
Multiple sclerosis
Spinal cord injury
Poor hygiene
Holding back the urine
Enlarged prostate or kidney stone
Some symptoms of bladder infections are:
Painful urination
More frequent urination
Sudden urge for urinating
Pain in the bladder
Involuntary passage of urine
Burning sensation while urinating
Appearance of blood in the urine
Strong odour from urine
Bloating or discomfort
Feeling of fatigue
A feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen
Home Remedies for Bladder Infection
Below are some effective and natural remedies for bladder infection that are inexpensive, harmless and easy to use at home.
1. Drink Plenty of Water :Water is a great cleansing agent and helps in flushing out the harmful bacteria in the form of diluted urine.
2. Baking Soda : Baking soda is one of the best home remedies for bladder infection pain. Mix a spoonful of baking soda in a glass of water, and drink it. Repeat this remedy daily until the symptoms subside completely.
3. Cranberry Juice : Cranberry juice is an effective home remedy to stop a bladder infection. Cranberry contains enzymes which are beneficial in treating bladder infections.
Note- Avoid intake of cranberry juice if you or any family member of yours has a history of kidney stones, or if you are taking medicines for thinning the blood.
4. Apple Cider Vinegar : Soak in water containing apple cider vinegar. This helps to reduce the burning sensation that is caused while urinating due to a bladder infection.
5. Yoghurt : Eating yoghurt is also beneficial as it contains acidophilus, which helps in curing the bladder infection.
6. Heating Pad : In order to ease out the pain caused by a bladder infection, use a heating pad over the abdominal area.
7. Lemon : Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice in 180 ml of boiling water. Drink this solution in order to get relief from the burning sensation as well as the bleeding caused by bladder infection.
8. Spinach : Mix equal quantities of fresh spinach juice and coconut water, and drink it in order to relieve bladder infection.
9. Radish Leaves : Take out the juice of radish leaves and drink a cup of it every day to get rid of a bladder infection.
10. Vitamin C : Increase your intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to boost up the immune system and reduces the growth of bladder infection-causing bacteria.
11. Garlic : Eat raw garlic to fight the infection in the bladder. Garlic is one of the best remedies that help a bladder infection. It is a good anti-bacterial or anti-viral agent.
12. Oregano Oil : Bladder infection can also be treated by oregano oil, which is an excellent anti-bacterial agent.
13. Parsley : Parsley, mullein and marshmallow can be used to treat a bladder inflammation.
Preventive Measures to Avoid Bladder Infection
Increase water/fluid intake.
Avoid soft drinks, alcohol, tea and coffee.
Practice hygiene.
Always wipe from front to back after using the toilet.
Urinate after having a sexual intercourse.
Don’t hold back the urine.
Wear cotton panties.
Take showers and avoid using bath tubs.
Avoid douching and use of other feminine products.
Avoid using tampons, instead use sanitary napkins and change it more frequently.

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