Saturday, 6 December 2014

Nigerian smuggler who swallowed 80 wraps of cocaine jailed for 3 years

48 year old Nigerian Mathew Atueyi, was jailed for three years yesterday after he swallowed 80 wraps containing more than 1kg of cocaine in a bid to evade airport officials in Edinburgh.
The father of 4 was  travelling via Paris from Port Harcourt Nigeria.

An x-ray of Atueyi revealed 80 pellets of cocaine

Nothing was found after a strip search and Atueyi was then taken to hospital where x-rays revealed 80 wraps of ingested cocaine which had a potential street value of nearly £400,000.
Michael Anderson his lawyer, told the High Court in Edinburgh: “He knew he was ingesting drugs into his own body, although he was not clear what the drugs were.”
Atueyi admitted  a drug smuggling offence at Edinburgh airport on August 2 this year. During the court interview he said he had been paid £2000 up front and was to get a further £2000 on delivery.
John McGowan of NCA Border Policing Command in Scotland said:
"We have seen cases before where mules have swallowed up to 800 grammes of cocaine but 1.2 kilos is an exceptionally large amount to carry internally.
"The risk of one of the packages bursting - and causing death - is huge.....
Mathew Atueyi

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