Friday, 12 December 2014

VIDEO:Nigerian woman in Ireland opens up about her nude photo scandal

Olabomi Adenusi Ojuade, a single mother of two living in Ireland has been caught up in a nude photo blackmail scandal and has decided to speak out about her ordeal and also warns fellow women to be careful about the kind of images they expose to people.

Photo: Peter Dayo Atkinson, alleged serial blackmailer and womaniser 

Victim: Olabomi

Olabomi  had been having an affair with an alleged serial womanizer and blackmailer, Peter Dayo Atkinson.
During the course of their relationship nude photos were taken by Peter her lover who had been requesting for money from Olabomi to renew his immigration card.  When he saw that the money wasn't forthcoming his behaviour towards Olabomi changed.

...." I could not give him the money and his attitude completely changed. I called the relationship off since I could not put up with his new attitude only for him to tell me that he will show me the kind of person he is"....

According to Olabomi, Peter's behaviour changed and he started being cold towards her and wouldn't even pick up calls. Olabomi decided to call off the relationship and that was when Peter started making threats to expose her nudity to the public. 

He went ahead and did just that...  he shared Olabomi's nude photos performing some sex acts with him. The photos went viral on social networks.

According to Africaworld the Garda paid Olabomi a visit yesterday in Mosney accommodation where she resides and advised her on her rights, reassuring her that they'll make the necessary investigations. 

I wish her success on her quest for justice against this blackmailer and womanizer and at the same time use this opportunity to advise all women against sending nude pictures to any man. Let us preserve our dignity of womanhood, let our heads rule our hearts in relationships.

Click below to watch video of  Olabomi's interview with Africaworld:


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