Thursday, 4 June 2015

Newly invented 'period-proof pants' that could put an end to tampons and sanitary towels......would you wear this?

Thinx  'period-proof pants' is a new invention designed by three women in New York – Miki Agrawal, twin sister Radha and friend Antonia Dunbar. It could be worn during the monthly period instead of using female sanitary protection.

Thinx period proof underwear

They look like normal women's pants and come in three varieties - Thong, for the lightest days; Cheeky, for medium days; and Hiphugger, for heavy days.
Each variety is made with patented technology which can replace normal sanitary protection.

They are washable, hygienic and stay dry. The Hiphugger variety can hold up to two tampons-worth of liquid. Prices start from £15.

Would you wear this?
Thinx period proof underwear

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