Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Woman bites off rapist's privates with her teeth (Warning: graphic photos)

According to reports, a woman bit off the penis of a man during a rape incident in Lagos, Nigeria.
The lady, whose name is not yet known at this point, paid the man a visit, but a few hours later, ran out of the house screaming for help, saying she had been raped. A few minutes later, the neighbours were shocked when the alleged rapist also ran out from the house, covered in blood and crying for help. It was then they realized that his penis had been completely bitten off by the woman. He was then rushed off to hospital but  upon realizing that the upper part of his manhood which had been bitten off was still in the house, they had to rush back to the house to get it for the doctor to stitch it back.
The rapist is still hospitalized.
See below photos...(Warning: Graphic content)
•Gory photos of the incident in Lagos

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