Sunday, 15 July 2012

Overworked X-Factor Rebecca Ferguson Blasts Management


The usually quiet british x-factor star tweeted last night ...

"The same people that worked me so much I collapsed and had to say stop!!! I need to see my children you need to give me time off vile!!!"

"Was so exhausted I couldn't physically walk on my own but was still told I had to work!!!.. Be nice to have a nice new responsible caring management team!! Who care for me and my childrens well being ?#seeyouincourt!!!"

 She said  when she collapsed with exhaustion she was just given a bottle of coca cola and was told to do an interview.

She was referring to her british management company, Modest, who also looks after Leona Lewis and One Direction.

Within  a week of breaking her leg in May during a night out, she performed on British Got Talent and Alan Carr's chat show, and then flew to the States to appear on Today Show....that's how busy she has been..what time does she have left for her kids? Can't blame her..

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  1. eeeyaa! she is normally shy. make dem no kill am o


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