Sunday, 1 July 2012

Xtreme Fashionistas

How far would you go to be a trendy chic? How much would you spend? How much discomfort would you suffer?

A lot of women nowadays would go through unspeakable lengths just to be in the 'big chic league'.

You don't have to spend so much on clothes and makeup to look trendy. You also have to know your comfort zone and not exceed it.

I have seen alot of women looking trendy on the streets but lack the confidence that is supposed to go hand in hand with the trendy look. The lack of confidence is as a result of exceeding their comfort zone. For instance if I dont feel comfortable in high heels why the heck would I wear one and risk spraining my ankles just to look trendy, and then I wouldn't feel free and confident walking?

Some of us have sensitive eyes but still defy all health harzards to wear contact lenses and fake eyelashes. Na by force??

I see some girls wearing mini skirts but keep pulling down their skirts, showing that they are definitely uncomfortable with what they are wearing. Or girls constantly fiddling with their clothes in an attempt to cover their exposed cleavages. For heavens' sakes why did you expose your cleavages when you are not confident dressed like that??

Have you experienced or witnessed similar fashion incidents? Feel free to share with us!


  1. lol!! that's women for you!!

  2. Loads of women do that and I really dont understand y women would risk their comfort in the name of fashion.

  3. Its very serious my dear


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