Monday, 16 July 2012

Weird Story of the Day...Cat Celebrates 15th Year as Mayor

Mayor Stubbs enjoying a glass of white wine..

Mayor Stubbs chilling out

This is Stubbs, a cat that was awarded an honorary Mayor title in Talkeetna, a town in Alaska.

Residents of the town which has a population of just about a nine hundred people thought the candidates running for mayor were not just worth it and so as a way of expressing their feelings, campaigned to get the 15-year-old cat the honorary position after he was born.

Stubbs has now become one of the longest-serving mayors in America.
He is a big celebrity in the little town attracting visitors to the town and promoting tourism. He even has a facebook account with more than 1000 friends!

Now, that is weird!! What do you think, peeps? Should we start replacing those candidates that are not up to scratch with cats, dogs?? Just saying...

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  1. lol!! they should replace all the politicians in naija with cats and dogs!


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