Saturday, 20 October 2012

Pregnant Woman And Three Others Survive As FRSC Pulls Passenger Bus Out Of River


The Federal Road Safety Commission on Saturday said it had pulled out a passenger bus that plunged into a river at Ogbere-Ijebu, Ogun State on the Sagamu-Ore Expressway on Friday.

According to reports, all the victims, apart from the driver, were women travelling from Lagos to Benin to attend a burial ceremony.

A pregnant woman was one of those who miraculously survived the accident, which was said to have occurred when the bus skidded off the dual carriageway and plunged into the river.

The pregnant woman and two other survivors were said to have reached out for and clung to the branches of a tree as the bus lost control and began its fatal plunge into the river.

An FRSC statement said 12 corpses, comprising one male and 11 female, were pulled out of the bus.

“According to our findings, 21 people were inside the bus, the three that survived have been taken to hospital.

“FRSC’s coordinated search for the remaining victims with local divers continues,” it said.

Jonas Agwu a spokesman for Nigeria's Federal Road Safety Corps said the river's speed could have swept the corpses downriver.


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