Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Pimp who befriended underage teen on BBM before selling her through Facebook and adult websites jailed for 3 years

Pimp: Lee Lambert was jailed for three years for selling a 15-year-old girl on Facebook

A pimp who sold a 15-year-old girl for threesomes and bondage sex sessions was jailed today for three years.

Lee Lambert befriended the underage teen on Blackberry Messenger before selling her through Facebook and adult websites like ‘ukadultzone.’

The 26-year-old created online profiles of the vulnerable girl, touting her under the trading name ‘Holly Swing.’

The girl was sold for as little as £18, with a four hour session with her priced at £168, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

The teen had threesome and bondage sessions with customers at the end of August and September last year.

Twisted Lambert cut an eye-catching figure as he sat in the dock during his trial, with a shaved head, and wearing large sunglasses and a purple-lined blazer with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He also had a nasal feeding tube for medical reasons.

He insisted he was not a ‘pimp’ and instead bizarrely described himself as a ‘pornographer’, explaining how he was cleverly exploiting a legal loophole by filming the sex, which he argued made his activities lawful.

But in a series of text messages talking about his business, he boasted: “Pimping ain’t easy.”

Lambert took a cut of profits every time she slept with one of the clients he arranged to come to the flat and have sex with her.

The sex tout, from Kirkby, Merseyside, created online profiles for the 15-year-old, posting provocative photos to entice potential clients to his business, which he branded “Swinger Escorts”.

Prosecutor Simon Berksson ruled: “This is a simple case of exploitation of a young girl.”

Lambert was found guilty by a jury within just ten minutes of controlling prostitution for gain and keeping a brothel for prostitution with the girl, with whom he established a controlling sexual relationship.

The pimp, who said he did not know the girl was 15, blustered: “The clients are normally direct. They say do I get sex? I say, ‘well if you want sexual contact you need to be producing pornography’.

“It is a legal loophole around the situation. It appeals to both the clients and the legal system.”

A video of the girl showed her being interviewed as her contractual obligations were explained to her, including that she had to get “positive feedback” from her client.

Lambert added: “They would be expected to undertake adult content work (pornography) and standard escort work.”

Lambert has a previous conviction involving indecent images of a 14-year-old girl, for which he was sentenced to two years in 2010.

Jailing him, Judge Thomas Teague QC said: “You pose an ongoing threat to the welfare of young people through your repeated involvement in what is euphemistically called the sex trade.

“I cannot envisage a time in the future when you will not pose such a threat.

“This was the second time in the last four years you have engaged in the exploitation of girls in the so called sex trade.”



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