Thursday, 18 July 2013

HOPE & SMILE 2013....Putting a smile on the faces of the less priviledged

The Perod Foundation in collaboration with Segus Ogun Foundation, presents HOPE AND SMILE 2013.

Through this project, the Miss Nigeria Ireland organization hopes to touch the lives of the less priviledged in Nigeria with a visit to some Orphanage homes.

Please feel free to donate used toys, clothes, books, shoes etc that are in good condition.

To make donations please contact:
Peter: 0871216135
Debbie: 0879384940
Cynthia: 0873600941
Vanessa: 0863968110
Gee Bee: 0872818650
Nike: 0871436839
George: 0876578921
Vire: 0877578538
Daniel: 0860596476

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