Saturday, 6 July 2013

LOL!...Ladies and Men bare their bums to copy the iconic 70s Tennis Girl's poster

Tennis giga
IMOGEN Thomas showed she was a game girl this week, baring a bit of cheek as she recreated one of the most famous photos ever taken. She lifted up her skirt to show off her bottom - just like the 70s Tennis Girl poster. She's the latest lady to reveal her rear in a replica of the snap. Here are the best and funniest bot shots

The former Big Brother babe slipped into some tennis gear, before lifting up her skirt to show off her bottom - just like the iconic 70s Athena poster.
Her bum might not be as toned as Fiona Walker, whose derriere starred in the original image - taken in 1976 when she was just 18.
But Imogen, 30, gets credit for reveaing her rear just months after she gave birth.
Imogen Thomas
She's from the Volleys ... Welsh model Imogen

She also joins an exclusive club of ladies (and men) who've followed in Fiona's flashing footsteps.
Here's some of the best - and funniest - Tennis Girl bot shots.

The original

Famous photo of female tennis player scratching her bare bottom
Iconic ... Fiona in the famous photo

Former Birmingham University student Fiona posed in this iconic shot for poster firm Athena to celebrate the Silver Jubilee back in 1977.
It was taken by her then boyfriend Martin Elliott, who had to borrow all the tennis gear for Fiona to use.
The poster went on to sell a staggering 2 million copies, adorning the bedroom walls of almost every teenage boy in Britain.

Buy one get one free

Twins Bryony Frost and Katherine Frost
Turn both cheeks ... identical twins

Identical twins Bryony Frost and Katherine Frost gave us double vision when they paired up for this cheeky shot in 2011 - to promote online gambling firm Betfair.

Pat bum

Pat Cash
Cash back ... ex-champ Pat

He famously jumped into the crowd when he won Wimbledon in 1987.
And Aussie tennis ace Pat Cash showed he's still game for a laugh when he struck this pose during a stunt for BBC 5 Live.

Did Maria mean to share-her-posterior?

Maria Sharapova
Ave Maria ... Sharapova accidentally bares her bum
Fotosports international

Russian tennis lovely Maria Sharapova accidentally emulated the Athena girl during last year's Wimbledon - when a gust of wind blew up her short skirt.

Golden oldie

Model in casino advert
Ad a girl ... model in casino advert

This casino ad conjured up all the memories of the original poster - imagining how FIona would look if she bared her bum now.

Simply Shameless

Alice Barry
Bum rap ... Shameless star Alice

Actress Alice Barry turned the other cheek... and exposed it, to raise money for last year's Sport Relief campaign.

Le-go of that skirt

Plastic fantastic ... Lego Tennis Girl

A clever Lego fan managed to mock up the iconic shot, using a tiny toy character - complete with floaty skirt.


Buns ... cartoon

Gaming website Gamesradar added an animalist spin to the image, in an ad to promote the site - turning Fiona into a cartoon bunny!

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