Friday, 12 July 2013

Horror at the bull run ...A RAMPAGING bull causes havoc as it gores one runner

Bloodied ... runner is skewered by rogue black bull

A RAMPAGING bull causes havoc as it gores one runner for half a minute before bystanders drag the bloodied victim to safety.

The raging beast used its horns to pin the Spanish bull runner to the floor before tossing him into the air in front of horrified onlookers.
Fellow thrill-seekers tried to pull the half-ton black bull away by its tail as it skewered the man on the cobbled streets.
They eventually dragged the wounded runner, trousers now round his ankles, by his feet away from the crazed bull.
Runner tries to grab on to bull's horns
Skewered ... runner tries to grab on to bull's horns

The beast made several more attempts to charge people before he was guided along the streets to join the rest of the pack.
Two other people, including a 20-year-old American tourist and a Spaniard, were skewered during the sixth bull run of Pamplona’s annual San Fermin festival.
These were the first gorings of the week-long event when thousands of runners – mainly men – flee from six charging bulls on the Spanish town’s medieval streets.
Another American, 48, and two Spaniards were rushed to hospital in falls and trampling during the frenzied event.
Bystanders watch as black bull flings runner into air
Horror .. bystanders watch as black bull flings runner into air

Hordes of runners dress in white with red kerchiefs around their necks after drinking all night before the manic dash.
Dozens of people are injured each year in the “encierros,” as the runs are called in Spanish with most injured after tripping and falling in the rush.
The yearly festival started on Sunday and includes a daily bull run which sets off at 8am and lasted for just under five minutes on Friday.
Runners speed down medieval streets of Pamplona
Thousands ... runners speed down medieval streets of Pamplona

The bulls, who are released from a pen, hurtle along the 850m course as part of a tradition dating back to the 13th century which has seen 15 people killed since records began in 1924.
In 2009 a 27-year-old man from Madrid was the last person to be killed on a run after being gored in the neck.
San Fermin festival attracts visitors from around the world and is one of hundreds of bull-running fiestas held around Spain every year, made famous by Ernest Hemingway's novel, The Sun Also Rises.

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