Saturday, 23 November 2013

Eminem 'back again' with ex wife Kim Scott despite divorcing TWICE

Back again: EMINEM and Kim Scott

Rapper Eminem is said to be set to rekindle his relationship with teenage sweetheart Kim Scott - who he has already been divorced from twice.

Kim's mum, Kathy Sluck has revealed that the pair, who last divorced seven years ago, see each other 'all the time' and that Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, is even building her daughter a sprawling mansion.

Speaking from the home she shares with Kim, in Detroit, she told RadarOnline: "They get along better than ever. He’s building her a new house on 22 mile."

She also described how Kim, who has been a focus of many of Eminem's hits, has been clean for years and is focused on her family.

Speaking about whether it could be third time lucky for the pair, Marie Hartter, grandmother to Eminem's adopted daughter Whitney, also added fuel to the fire, saying: "They’ve been in love since they were 14 or 15 and that’s not going to stop anytime soon.

"They will probably grow old together one way or another, as much as he says he hates her in his music, he loves her that much too, I feel.

"I think they met very young, they were together a lot of years, I don’t think she’s ever been with anyone for as long as she’s been with him, whether it’s off and on.”

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