Monday, 25 November 2013

Spa launches fat-busting laser that claims to remove up to two inches of fat in four weeks

Harvey Nichols' Beyond MediSpa have unveiled a new fat-burning laser called the Vanquish which claims to make a significant difference within four weeks.

The laser treatment, which can whittle up to two inches off the waistline, is expected to be particularly popular with new mothers, many of whom are anxious to swap mummy tummies for a flat stomach like the Duchess of Cambridge.

All gone: The Duchess of Cambridge shows off her flat stomach while playing volleyball during a visit

The Duchess sparked headlines back in October when she showed off a noticeably trim stomach while joining young volleyball players at Copper Box at the former Olympic Park.

Shortly afterwards, it was revealed that demand for fat-busting treatments shot up in subsequent weeks, with one Harley Street clinic reporting a staggering 650 per cent rise.

A spokesperson at the LoveLite Harley Street clinic said: 'We started receiving an unprecedented number of calls last Friday for tummy treatments and almost all were from mothers who had recently given birth. We normally make about 12 new bookings a week, but in less than two days we had 40.

'The phone was ringing off the hook and there were quite a few bookings left on voicemail over the weekend and the bookings have continued at the rate of about 10 a day all through this week.

'We usually ask callers what prompted them to seek out the treatment and on Friday and over the weekend almost all said they wanted to get a flat stomach like Kate's.

Mummy tummy: Like other new mothers, Kate showed a noticeably rounded stomach on leaving hospital


Before and after: After four weeks of using the Vanquish machine, a slimmer figure (right) could be yours

'Many said they had failed to get their initial figure back after three months - even with a good diet and fitness regime and now needed extra help to shift the stubborn fatty area around their midriff.'

Although fat freezing treatments have proved most popular, according to Beyond MediSpa, the new device can target bigger areas and should work well on wobbly tummies.

The Vanquish machine works by directing radiofrequency waves at problem areas which heats them up until they melt away.

'This new procedure is a real game changer— it's the safest, easiest way yet to remove fat,' says
Preema Vig, Medical Director at Beyond MediSpa.

'As the panels heat up, the radio frequency waves they transmit locate the fat cells which are denser and hold less water, and differentiate these from the skin and muscle cells.

'The heat causes cell death in the fat cells; some die instantly, some in a matter of weeks.'

Although the treatment lasts just 30 minutes, the spa say you need at least two sessions to see real results, which could prove costly - each session costs £500.


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