Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Man calls 911 to remove lover from his bed because she was "snoring like a train."!!

For a Wisconsin man, his lover's loud snoring was enough to warrant a call to the police!

According to a City of Waukesha police report, the man called 911 earlier this week to remove his lover from his bed because she was "snoring like a train."

According to the Police, the man initially told the dispatcher that he wasn't sure how the woman got into his apartment. But he later admitted that he did let the woman into his house.

But when the police arrived at his home, his story changed again.....

The man, who police reported to be in an "extremely intoxicated state," told them he invited the woman over, enjoyed some drinks, "had relations" and then fell asleep.

The woman was eventually awakened by the officers and admitted to suffering from a sleeping disorder called 'sleep apnea'.

Officers then settled the matter by asking the man to sleep on his couch and work the issue out on his own in the morning.

Well it must be one hell of a snore!

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