Monday, 18 November 2013

TV Star Paul O'Grady in hospital after angina attack and facing surgery

The presenter was replaced by Michael Ball on his ITV show after the attack which is believed to have happened today
In hospital: Paul O'Grady
In hospital: Paul O'Grady

TV star Paul O'Grady was rushed to hospital today after suffering an angina attack.

The Scouse comic did not appear on the new tea-time chat "Paul O'Grady Show" and showman Michael Ball was drafted-in to take his place.

Friends concerned at his absence from the show which aired at 5pm discovered that he had been taken to a hospital.

In a text to one worried pal, O'Grady, 58, said: "I've had an angina attack and need a few days rest in hospital.

"I think I am going to be out of the game for a quite a while. They are taking me in for surgery tomorrow."

Another friend added that the Merseyside-born personality, who rose to fame as Lily Savage, had been pursuing a punishing schedule.

The friend said: "Paul has been doing too much.

"He has already had one heart attack scare and he did take it as a warning and has tried his best to give up the cigs.

"But he is doing so many shows at the moment that it is not surprising that his body has again told him to slow down.

"I hope he takes notice this time, for his own sake, but I am not sure he will."

Last year Paul said he did not worry about his health, adding: “The worst thing you can do is to sit and fret.

"I take tablets and have check-ups every eight months when they put me on the treadmill.

"I say to them, ‘Heart attack or not, I’m hopeless on treadmills!”

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